PIX-Service Kit

PIX-Service Kit, a composite tool-kit comprising of a vast range of equipment necessary for the installation and maintenance of Belt drives.

The kit components are now housed in a strong ABS outer case, which is lightweight, portable, and sturdy to withstand the rigors of travel to remote installation sites.


PIX-X’Align Laser-guided Pulley Alignment Tool

PIX-X’Align® Laser-guided pulley alignment tool is a robust and highly effective maintenance tool, used to correct the misalignment of pulleys in a drive, to help the user to obtain the maximum service life of the Belt.


  • Proven in harsh environments
  • Extremely robust – nickel plated brass
  • Measurement span up to 8m
  • Ensures precise alignment for all drives
  • Easy to use without any special training
  • Small compact and handy equipment


PIX-Digital Tension Meter

The device is fully electronic and equipped with the latest microprocessor technology for simple measurement with high accuracy. It is suitable for all belt types, e.g. V-belts, timing belts, banded belts or ribbed belts, which are in the measuring frequency range between 10 and 600 Hz. The type, colour and condition of the belt have no influence on the measurement result.


  • Contactless acoustic measurement with repeatable accuracy
  • Large range of measurement from 10 Hz to 600 Hz.
  • OLED monochrome display white dot matrix 128 x 64 pixels.
  • Suppression of background noise.
  • USB charging option for longer operational hours.
  • Ergonomic design for the ease of measurement.


PIX-Analog Tension Tester

Proper belt tension is essential for optimum power transmission and also for the life of the belt. To ensure optimum V-belt drive operation, it is recommended to check the tension in the belts by measuring the deflection force value (N) with the help of a tension measuring device. Belt tension in most of the drives can be checked with adequate reliability by means of PIX Belts Tension Tester.


PIX-Pulley Gauges

PIX Pulley Gauges are specially designed for checking the profiles of the grooves of various conventional and dual section pulleys.


PIX-Belt Lenght Measurer

PIX Belt length measure is useful in knowing the length of the Belt, where the size on the Belt is not visible.

They are available in two variants –

  • Flat-pulley length measure: It is the universal tool to measure the length  f almost all kinds of Belts, it facilitates measurement of Belt-length irrespective of its groove angle. Can be used to measure Belts up to 120 inches.
  • V-groove pulley length measure: It is used to measure the length of the conventional Belts and the Poly-V Belts up to 120 inches.


PIX-Pentagon Poly-V Belt Wear Gauge

Now you can inspect the Poly-V Belts, using “PIX-Pentagon”, a composite Poly-V Belt wear-measurement gauge, which can check the wear of the ribs and the thickness of all Poly-V Belt sections.


PIX-X’slit Belt Cutting

PIX-X’slit Belt cutting machine is designed for cutting individual Timing Belts as well as V-ribbed Belts and Flat Belts from sleeves.

Cutting range

  • Maximum Belt sleeve width up to 750mm
  • Maximum Sleeve length up to 5800mm
  • Timing Belt can be cut into the width of 1mm and above
  • Ribbed V-Belt can be cut, minimum up to 1 rib

Safety and protective measures

  • Design of circuitry according to DIN VDE 0113
  • Safety cover of die disk
  • Lockable main switch
  • 2-channel emergency stop circuitry
  • The separate system starts the controller
  • Motor protection by a motor circuit breaker and protective function of a frequency converter
  • Low voltage control 24V
  • Monitoring of cutting shaft by capacitive sensors


PIX-Belts Profile Gauge

PIX Belt Profile Gauge is a simple tool to determine the Belt section If the Belt marking or the printed label is not visible. Insert the Belt in the profile, which is made on Angle Gauge / Belt Profile Gauge for deciding the exact belt profile. This is a sole template which can be used to judge the cross-sectional dimensions (Top width, thickness &included angle) of all wrapped belts for profiles made on the gauge. It is a light-weighted, handy stencil, easy to understand and ensures effortless use.


PIX-Timing Belt Gauges

The PIX-Timing Belt Gauges is specifically designed for the inspection of the Timing Belts profiles. This gauge assists professional technicians in the accurate inspection as well as diagnostics for Belt wear-off. Excessive Belt wear leads to higher energy consumption, lower power transmission and premature failure. PIX has developed this compact tool kit to address such maintenance requisites.

Features & Benefits

  • Composite Timing Belt wear measurement gauge
  • Facilitates thickness and wear measurement of most common STD and HTD Timing Belt sections
  • Simple and easy tool to read the pitch and the tooth thickness
  • Made up of high impact and abrasion resistance material


PIX Pulley Gauge for Banded v-Belt drives

The gauges are a valuable help for measuring grooves of multi-grove pulleys for banded-belt sections HA, HB, HC, HSPA, HSPB, HSPC, HAVX10 and HAVX13


Collapaible Belt Lenght Measure


  • Collapsible Design: Our length measure features a smart collapsible design with three individual sub modules. The reduced form factor allows you to conveniently ship, install and operate the tool, saving on high freight costs and storage space.
  • Belt Length: No more guessing or estimation! Our length measure is specially designed to measure belts of various lengths, including those as long as 140 inches/3556 mm. The dual scale allows you to measure in millimetres or inches, as per your preference.
  • Versatile and Multi-purpose: A versatile tool that can accurately measure the length of different types of Belts from Wrapped, Moulded Raw Edge Cogged, Poly-V, and Timing Belts – our tool handles them all.
  • Durable Construction: Our measurement scale is meticulously engineered with high-quality 304 stainless steel grade to ensure longevity, precision, and resistance to wear-and-tear. The sturdy ABS Plastic Pulley material provides for excellent strength, ensuring the pulley can withstand frequent use and stresses.